Consignor Login

For first time users: Username/Password will be your email address

Your password can be changed after your first log-in. If you forget your password, we can easily reset it for you.

The "Transaction History" tab will show your sold items in the current consignment quarter. Once payments for the quarter are issued, the transaction history will clear.

For frequently asked questions, see below. 

Download Our App

There is also a free iPhone app you can download to quickly view your account balance and transaction history.

In the App Store Search: Consignor Login by, Inc

In addition to entering your username and password, you will be asked to enter a:

"Description"- TLE
"Subdomain"- thelabelexchange

Frequently Asked Questions​

The balance in my account is $0. Why is that?
There are two reasons for this…
1. You have yet to sell any items.
2. Your account moves back to $0 on a quarterly basis when our payments are issued.

What transactions can I see in my online account?
Only transactions sold in the new (current) quarter be listed in your online account.
Past transactions from a previous quarter that were under the payout cutoff of $30 will remain in your account until you accumulate enough money for a quarterly payout.

Can I access anything via my online account?
Yes. You are able to see any transactions made on your account during the current quarter. For example, if you came into the store or shopped online and utilized store credit you will see those deductions. Your current balance minus purchases will be reflected at the bottom on the screen in “Total Payable”.

The quarter ended and my account balance is back to $0. How can I access what I sold?
Please email us anytime for a sold item list at