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The Label Exchange

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To Our Valued Consignors  

Our commitment & dedication to selling your items,
restructuring our business, and planning for the future during this uncertain time has never been greater.

To best serve you, we have decided to move our business online.
Doing this will give us the opportunity to offer YOU the following benefits:

-Market & Sell your items 24/7 nationwide while keeping you and our community safe.
- Ensure all consigned items are properly cleaned using UVC light & textile safe cleaners.
- Improve our payout policies
(eliminating the $6 service fee & $30 minimum to receive a quarterly payout) 
- Work with our software to engage with our consignors and buyers in new exciting ways.
- Continue to do what we do best at TLE; offer exceptional service and great items. 
- To continue to support the Fairfield community.

Updates For Current Consignors :

Any consignors who have consigned with TLE that have an expiration date after March 1st 2020:

The new expiration date for your items has been extended to 
August 15th 2020

We will be listing your items online.

* If you would like to pick up your items and not have your items listed for sale online please email us at info@consignyourlabels.com and we will schedule either a home delivery of your items or ship your items back to you.

June Payouts:
All June payouts will be made with NO Service Fees and NO $30 Minimum. Please contact us if you have had any changes in your mailing address. Please consider enrolling in *Zelle for easy direct payments.

We are Here For You 
Please reach out with any questions regarding your account, your items, or your payouts. We are here to help.


TLE Consignment Guide

Our consignment process going forward will evolve and change as we continue to adapt our business to the new environment.

Currently are accepting select items remotely with the following guidelines as our spring/summer consignment season has ended.

At this time we are offering local contact free consignment drop offs. Accepted items will be priced and added to your account.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, we will be unable to return any items we do not accept to you, however we will donate them. 

Please email us at info@consignyourlabels.com to schedule a contact free consignment drop off
of the following items :


Please check your items beforehand for cleanliness and damages.

We are only accepting the above listed items at this time. 

Your accepted items will be processed within
24-72 hours of your pick up. Non accepted items will be donated.

Items will be listed for sale until
August 15th 2020.

In addition items priced under $50 will not be eligible for pick up at the end of the consignment period. Unsold items originally priced at $50 or below will be donated.

To schedule a pick-up of unsold items please email us at info@consignyourlabels.com by August 5th 2020.

Stay Tuned For Fall 2020 Consignment Information!

Our Quarterly Payment System

Consignment split on items sold during the selling period is as follows:
Consignors will receive 40% of the final selling price on all items priced under $200.

Consignors will receive 50% of the final selling price on all items priced over $200.

Markdowns are taken at any time during the consignment period. 

Additional resale sites are used to market and sell your items, associated fees are accounted for.

Payments for items sold are mailed on a quarterly basis to all accounts.

Payments are made Via Zelle or Paper check mailed directly to consignors from our processor.

TLE no longer cuts checks directly to consignors.

The Quarterly Service fee has been removed from TLE's Consignment
Policy :) !

Payments will be generated on:

March 15th for items sold between December 1st - February 28th
June 15th for items sold between March 1 - May 31st
September 15th for items sold between June 1st - August 31st
December 15th for items sold between September 1st - November 30th

Things To Consider While Prepping Your Consignments For TLE

We use our years of expertise and market trends to price your items accordingly.

We ask that items be dry cleaned if there are pets at home. Clothes will not be accepted with stains, visible alterations or holes.

Shoes must be in brand new condition.

We accept Lululemon items year round!

Please make sure all personal items are taken out of your handbags before your pick up /drop off. Handbags will not be accepted if the interior is dirty and/or ripped. The same rule applies for the exterior as well. We accept handbags year round!

       TLE's Sustainability & Community        Mission Statement

When I opened my first consignment business in 2009 one of my goals was to help evolve sustainable fashion. As the years went on and the consignment business quickly took hold my mission became much deeper. It grew to include giving back to my local community.

This is where our sustainability & community mission statement was born:

The Label Exchange strives to promote the environmental, financial & mental health benefits of sustainability in our local community and help the trend grow.